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Byd E6:
cross-over, 5 zitplaatsen

"The BYD e6 is a 5-seat, crossover all-electric vehicle with an extended wheelbase of 111.4 inches. It is the generous size and comfort of the BYD e6 that sets it apart from other electric vehicles in any current classification. In contrast to the competitors' electric vehicles, the e6 features a spacious interior cabin with substantial legroom and headroom for passengers, as well as ample luggage space in the rear. Meanwhile, the e6 boasts a powerful drive-train, adopting BYD's revolutionary new EV battery – the Iron-Phosphate or "Fe" battery."

Bron: byd.com

Technische kenmerken

Blue Corner NV, Rijnkaai 37
2000 Antwerpen / Belgium
T  +32 (0) 3 337 38 30
F  +32 (0) 3 337 38 31
E  info@bluecorner.be

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